Mikkel Skov Petersen. Kreativ skribent og tekstforfatter

Foto: Mark Knudsen

My name is Mikkel Skov Petersen [Danish pronounciation: Mĭgl].

I’m a Danish creative writer and copywiter.

I write freelance for Danish media outlets including Kommunikationsforum.

I’m a copywriter for film, radio and commercials.


My background in headlines

My work experience include:

  • Head of PR at a theatre in Copenhagen
  • Communication officer for a humanitarian ngo helping the homeless
  • Communication officer at the Red/Green Alliance in the Danish parliament
  • Advisor in the documentary film business
  • Copywriter in public service advertising
  • Self-employed media producer.

I launched the Danish left wing website Modkraft.dk in January 2000, and helped close it in january 2017.

Sometimes journalists and other good people ask me about politics and communications, and then I tend to answer.

Can I help?

If you think I can help you with a text, don’t hesitate to contact me:

Mail: relationer@mikkelskovpetersen.com

Phone: +45 28 400 439

Twitter: @mikkelskov
LinkedIn: Find me on LinkedIn