Danske Banks #shitstorm er blevet international: Shameless, hypocritical

Danske Banks kampagne »New Normal demands New Standards« er blevet opdaget i det store udland.

Buzzfeed skriver:

It would — maybe — feel less hyper-hypocritical if Danske presented some evidence in this TV ad that it is not like every other financial behemoth in the world, or that it was taking extraordinary measures to combat climate change or substandard factory conditions or unequal pay for women.

Adland.tv skriver:

Den Danske Bank has a new campaign out where they can slap their label “The new normal” on practically any controversial staged news image shot by Peter Funch. The campaign is created by the ad agency named Mensch. The entire campaign is so hypocritical it’s making Danes blood boil and people are raging everywhere from forums to newspapers about it.

In newspaper Politiken the headline reads: Hey bankers, do you think we’ve forgotten that you are the über-bad guys?, Danish Kommunikationsforum even goes so far to dig up images that compare shots from the Occupy movement to Den Danske Bank ad, to a Benetton campaign. Tobias Lau at Børsen dubs the campaign “the worst piece of communication of 2012”, and the Danish arm of Occupy even bothered to reply with a spoof full of typos. “Nice pictures and music in the video of yours, but must you misuse a humanitarian movement?” it asks.


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