New Normal: »An explosion of negative publicity«

Danske Banks kampagne »A new normal demands new standards« har som skrevet tidligere, også fået international kritik på bl.a. BuzzFeed.

Nu tager en blogger på Harvard Business Review ved navn Jonah Sachs kampagnen under kærlig behandling.

Hans kritik er den samme som den der har været fremført herhjemme, men den er godt fremført. Og så er den, som @KrestenSchultz bemærkede på Twitter, på engelsk.


Jonah Sachs skriver: When an Ad Campaign Goes Horribly Wrong

If there is one piece of advice that might have saved Danske Bank from an explosion of negative publicity around its latest ad campaign, it might have gone something like this: “A new normal demands new standards.”

Such thinking might have reminded the banking giant that the new normal for advertisers is a highly vigilant, social media savvy public, always on the lookout for hypocrisy. It might have made Danske Bank think twice before appropriating images of Occupy Wall Street protests — a movement that has claimed that banks like Danske are out of touch and immoral. It might have kept a controversy about thousands of jobs and hundreds of branches slashed safely out of the media spotlight. It’s a solid piece of advice. And, in what must be bitter irony for the brand’s managers, it just so happens to be the title of the ill-conceived ad itself.

Og senere:

But what Danske bank overlooked is the most significant element of the new normal for advertisers. The Broadcast Era, in which content was delivered to audiences who simply consumed it and couldn’t meaningfully comment on it or make their own, is over. And that means, the committed core, from whom the story has been appropriated will likely speak up and defend its ownership of the story. If it does and the advertiser’s claim to it turns out to be paper thin, disaster ensues.

See, in the old days, the “New Normal” ad probably would have outraged the Occupy insiders, but so what? Believe me, they aren’t Danske’s ideal target customers. They would have published a few journal articles that only their friends would read. And for everyone else, the ad would likely have worked.

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